Install brand new boiler

Gas Heating and Complete Plubming

Gas connection and Gas Safety Check done by certirifed and professional staff

We offer Gas Safety Check, New Gas Connection and Complete Heating system installation Excellent quality services

We have certified Gas Enginners who can complete Gas Safety Check, install new gas line or extend an existing gas line. We are Gas Safe registered. Our professional staff carry valid id and we take good care of your water heater or heating systems on a yearly basis.

OHM building and refurbishment services performing Gas Safety check London

Install new Gas connection or extend and existing Gas connection Yearly water heater check up service.

We perform all Gas Saftey check steps, create detail gas connection plan before starting actual work. We ensure all Gas pipe works are done properly. As a one stop shop we can also takes care of other electrical and plumbing need. This pictures shows how our Gas enginners deliver quality work.

OHM Building and Refurbishment services installing boiler and doing gas safety check

We are Gas Safe registeredDont cut corners with Gas

OHM takes gas saftey seriously. All our professionals are certiified and carry official identity card when you request to see it. Gas safety check site

OHM Building and Kitchen Refurbishment boiler installer are Gas Safe Registered