Install brand new wood floor, 3D tiles and regular tiles by OHM building and Refurbishment services

Floor Installation

Floor installed done by professional and experienced staff

OHM install real wood floor, 3D tiles and regular tilesExcellent quality services

We work with all types of materials from regular tiles to expensive 3D tiles. As a one stop service provider we can help you with electric, gas and plumbing works along with flooring work. Save time and labor with us.

OHM installs new wood flooring in london

Install 3D floor for bathroom LondonProfessionally done

OHM install 3D bathroom tiles making sure all tiles are properly aligned. Expensive material requires experienced professionals.

OHM Building and Refurbishment services installed 3D tiles London

Install regular tiles for bathroom Don't cut corners with cheap labor

OHM professionals takes good care of the matrial and enures minimum waste of materials. Our professional staff members are well trained and experienced in flooring.

OHM Building and Refurbishment services installting new tile floor in London